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Lot 10: Winter Evening by Zeljko Vertelj

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Winter Evening by Zeljko Vertelj

Artist: Zeljko Vertelj
Title: Winter Evening
Medium: Oil on canvas
Size: 39cm x 30cm

About the Artist

Born: 1959
Subjects: Landscape
Style: Mouth Artist
Nationality: Slovenian 

Zeljko Vertelj was born on 26 July 1959 and is a member of the Society of Paraplegics of the Province of Ljubljana. He spent his young years in the village of Črni potok near Kočevju. He remembers that as a child and a primary school kid, he liked to draw, but after finishing primary school, there was no time for this hobby. Well, there was plenty of time when he became a tetraplegic after a car accident in 1993. After completing his rehabilitation, he went to the Old People's Home in Kočevju and for a while did not know what he was supposed to do with himself.

He tried the painting. First with the drawing, but he didn't do well, because there was no grip or real feeling in his fingers. He heard that some tetraplegics draw with their mouths, so he joined the painters of the Art Section of the Association of Paraplegics of Slovenia. After his first attempts, he realized it wasn't what you were holding the brush with, it was what you could do.
Željko Vertelj has already held a series of solo and group exhibitions. He was educated under the mentorship of Benjamin Krežet andMladeno Stropnik, and now attends art workshops and colonies led by Rasso Causevig and Jože Potokar - Cvrčo. He lives and works in Kočevju.


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