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ONLINE AUCTION - Vintage Barford & Perkins road roller and a Clark C500 Y-40 forklift truck

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Bidding starts: 14 Apr 2022 12:19:53 BST
Ends: 15 Jun 2022 15:00:00 BST
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By Order of the Owner, Marriott & Co. offer for sale by ONLINE AUCTION:

A vintage Barford & Perkins road roller

Clark C500 Y-40 2267kg gas-powered ride-on forklift truck

Please email sales@marriottco.co.uk for any additional information or to book an appointment to view.

Bidding Closes: From 3pm on Wednesday 15 June 2022

Location: Hook, Hampshire
Viewing: By appointment only
Collection: By appointment only

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All bids made in accordance with the Marriott & Co. conditions of sale, as viewed on this website, and subject to an additional 15% buyer's premium and VAT.

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Lot 1: A vintage Barford & Perkins road roller

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A vintage Barford & Perkins road roller with transportation jig

Owners Comments (for guidance only): "It was made in the thirties and I know of two examples restored. There is also one unrestored in the Rural Life Museum slightly North of the park nearer Farnham. Mine had the panel work around the engine missing and did not have the original engine. It was made by Barford and Perkins who later (as Perkins Engines) produced a highly successful range of diesel engines sold worldwide. The company was taken over by Massey Ferguson tractors. I restored what was left and added to it to make what could be the ultimate executive toy or a static art piece. It was finished in late 2021 but has not been run as it would take a crew to start initially. At the rear are all the tools that a road repairer would use and tools to maintain the boiler fire and to cook an all-day breakfast. It has a variable height plough to break up the tarmac. The hearth has a provision for ash removal. It has two water tanks, one on each side to produce steam for effect. There are water level sight glasses, relief valve, pressure gauge, water filling funnel, tank, pump, hose and drain cocks. It has a hand brake, foot brake and wheel chocks. It has forward and reverse gears with two ratios and has a hydrostatic final drive and controls. It has a steam whistle and is called Vinny after my late mother. The boiler is for effect and the engine was a Lister diesel with available parts. The oil feed is pressure and drip-fed with sight glasses. Surplus oil will run to an oil can for further use. It has a governor for effect, toolboxes, tools, starting handle and special spanners and coat hangers. There are flowers on the roof, two colourful flags and a chimney lid. The engine has a throttle and decompressor. There is a lifting frame that clamps around the rollers with lifting eyes for chains and a fixed ladder to the roof."

Lot 2: A Clark C500 Y-40 2267kg gas-powered ride-on forklift truck

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A Clark C500 Y-40 gas-powered ride-on forklift truck no. Y35516038M (advised 1988)