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The sale of IPR belonging to Max MindPower Ltd 'the company' and other business assets of the company

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Bidding starts: 12 Oct 2021 09:04:42 BST
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By order of the Director, Nikki Collins and her advisors, Marriott & Co offer for sale in short order, the sale of IPR belonging to Max MindPower Ltd 'the company', and other business assets of the company to include its trademark, designs and branding, remaining stock and innovative technology surrounding the products and books known as Max MindPower.

The business was founded in December 2017 by creator, psychology doctoral student and wellbeing consultant, Nikki Collins, to develop innovative children’s support and comfort technology within a soft cuddly bear with 42 supporting rhyming books.

Launched at the 2018 London Toy Fair, Max was awarded the winner of the Toy Fairs Hero toy. He quickly became recognised as the ‘go to product’ for children to cope with different emotions. Following success at the London Toy Fair, Nikki was invited onto various TV programmes including ‘BBC Breakfast’ to discuss and promote Max and his abilities. During 2018 Nikki sold around €150,000 of product, from attending toy fairs and pop-up shops around the country. In January 2019 an investor approached and offered investment, but unfortunately, the promised funding didn’t materialise. Undeterred, Nikki continued to promote Max by attending conferences etc., and in 2019 Nikki attended with Max at the Las Vegas Brand Licencing Expo and was continuously featured in press coverage.

Manufactured in China with a landed cost of $10, Max had an RRP of £49 and the junior bear’s RRP was £39.

The products have a broad appeal and have been sold into various departments of the NHS, Creches, Schools and was provided to all the Children in Crumlin Children’s Hospital ICU unit. Max was approached by numerous well-known children’s charities to discuss a partnership.

In 2020 newly designed products (including the App) were launched and exceptionally well received at London Toy Fair again. The products enjoyed extensive media coverage and were featured in ‘ The Gadget Show’. The new product range included new bear characters with wireless charging capabilities.

Nikki received approaches from several companies interested in licensing the product from the USA, Europe and Australia. Also, multiple new investors were found. However, as Covid struck the chosen investor was forced to concentrate and safeguard its current investments and therefore had to withdraw offers of funding for Max and licensing negotiations were also postponed.

Without funding, Nikki was unable to finalise or have the products manufactured and ultimately had to ‘take down’ the company's website due to the amount of interest being received that could not be progressed.

For the purposes of this sale, Nikki has reinstated the website so that additional information can be gleaned by potential investors. Please visit http://www.max-mindpower.com/

Additional information can be found at:






Nikki has confirmed that she would be very pleased to assist an investor/buyer with the business going forward in whatever capacity is required.

We understand that there are no comparable products on the market for this broad appealing and innovative product.

Interested parties should contact Marriott & Co. ( sales@marriottco.co.uk) for additional information and, subject to proof of funding and indicative offers, for initial telephone discussions with the Director.

Final offers for the business assets, subject to our conditions of sale (provided upon request), must be received by Friday 29 October 2021 with completion and payment due no later than 5th November 2021.

Notice To Purchasers

All bids are made in accordance with the Marriott & Co. conditions of sale, as viewed on this website, and subject to 20% VAT.

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