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Lot 1: Primultini Band Mill comprising log deck, singulator, SGA carriage, SG1300 headrig, mill roller outfeed and sundries as lotted

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Opening bid:
Ends in:13 May 2021 14:00:00 BST (67d 8h)
Location:Pulborough, West Sussex


Primultini Band Mill comprising:

  • Four chain log deck (circa 445cm (w) x 640cm (l)), distance between chains 205cm, 45cm and 75cm
  • Five-arm log singulator (circa 445cm (w) x 110cm (l)), circa 75cm arm length
  • Mec-Lengo SGA carriage no. 1523 with four head blocks, electric screw dogs, two on carriage log turners and hydrostatic drive (distance between heads 100cm, 150cm and 200cm), rail length 1800cm
  • Mec-Lengo SG1300 headrig no. 1514 (hardwood configuration, anti-clockwise rotation, 7” x 30’6” blade)
  • Control console with Mudata upgrade
  • Mill roller outfeed with 80cm rollers and two pneumatic support arms, two six-chain cross transfer ejectors and a 1982 KJ 82-400 belt waste conveyor no. 12885-4 (300cm x 41cm) – Total outfeed length 1830cm
  • Four-chain lifting reload deck (455cm (w) x 500cm (l)), distance between chains 100cm, 140cm and 180cm
    Four-chain cross transfer deck (400cm (w) x 300cm (l)), distance between chains 155cm, 110cm and 120cm
  • Ten spare bandsaw blades

Please note: This lot will need to be removed via the roof of the building, the seller has undertaken to remove and replace the roof at no cost to the purchaser.

Please note: The purchaser must provide a risk assessment and removal method statement (RAMS) detailing how they will safely remove the lot from the premises

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