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Lot 40: The P-Systems Seria P-300 pellet mill plant equipment as lotted

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Item information

Opening bid:
Ends in:13 May 2021 14:00:00 BST (67d 7h)
Location:Pulborough, West Sussex


The pellet mill plant equipment comprising:

  • A fabricated hydraulic walking floor sawdust store circa 43m3 (630cm (l) x 245cm (w) x 470cm (h) with unbranded hydraulic power pack
  • An unbranded rotary augur transfer circa 320cm/72cm diameter
  • A 2008 Magentica Torri CT1 22.40 magnetic separator no. 08/649
  • A P-Systems P-7 hammer mill
  • An Italsime ALA 35/1 rotary air transfer no. 10316663
  • A conditioner silo on stand (circa 150cm x 150cm)
  • An Italsime IST 30 rotary valve
  • A P-Systems P-7 hammer mill
  • An Italsime ALA 35/1 rotary air transfer no. 10316661
  • A P-Systems Seria P-300 silo and pellet mill (with control cabinet)
  • A P-Systems 560cm rotary augur cooling transfer
  • A Pre-weigh pellet silo (circa 310cm (d) x 330cm (h)) with blast gate
  • A P-Systems 60cm bag sealer with ACS 30kg electronic weighing scales
  • A Perry bucket lift elevator (circa 430cm)
  • A P-Systems 2/5 Hobby Filter two-bin extraction system no. 502-09-10 (not in use)

Please note: The purchaser must provide a risk assessment and removal method statement (RAMS) detailing how they will safely remove the lot from the premises

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